Lee Speigel

On April 13, 2015, Travis Walton was in New York City, in-between stops to show and promote his documentary, "Travis."

While in Manhattan with Peter Robbins, they stopped by The Huffington Post to visit writer Lee Speigel. Since they had some time to spare, Speigel grabbed Travis and dragged him kicking and screaming — well, OK, not exactly kicking, screaming, etc. — to do a quick podcast.

This picture shows (from left) Travis, HuffPost Senior Editor and podcast Executive Producer Buck Wolf and Speigel. [Image credit: Peter Robbins]

This picture shows Travis and Peter enjoying one of several HuffPost relaxation areas. We wonder what the two of them could have been dreaming about. [Image credit: Peter Robbins]

This picture is Travis, Lee and Peter hanging out at Lee’s desk in the vast HuffPost newsroom. Lee can be seen clutching a close “friend” of his. [Image credit: Jenna Amatulli]