Projects Portfolio

James Forrestal

His Extraordinary life and suspicious death

Amy's Yoga Retreat

A project shot using a digital hand-held camera.

Crop Circle Journey

A Crop Circle Journey with Chet & Kalista Snow

Peace in Outer Space

Jennifer helped Dr. Carol Rosin document the basics of the Peace in Outer Space Treaty.

Jewish Women's Institute

The Jewish Women’s Spiritual Institute, February 9, 2003 winter retreat.

The Disclosure Dialogues

An award-winning unique approach to film making on the topic of UFOs

Rita Levin

Rita’s Journey –a 30-minute video documents the fateful journey Rita Levin took to Israel in 1989.

We Remember Zecharia

Jennifer Stein produced this short 12 minute memorial film about Zecharia Sitchin in May of 2011.

Wisdom of the Ancients

A short DVD project to help launch an attraction for Southern England