We Remember Zecharia

Project Description

“We Remember Zecharia”  Jennifer Stein produced this short 12 minute memorial  film about Zecharia Sitchin in May of 2011. A special memorial service was organized  in New York City by Zecharia Sitchin’s family and former web master’s Eric Polturak and David Greenbaum. Jennifer had been a friend, student and film support person for Zecharia  Sitchin toward the latter 10 years of his life during which Zechaira hosted educational training seminars in various cities around the county to connect with his readers and further inspirer them to research on their own and network with each other.  Jennifer filmed a number of these events for Zecharia and was honored to create a short film for his memorial service in May 2011.

Jennifer Stein with Zecahria Sitchin video taping a weekend training seminar.

Zecharia Sitchin, 30th anniversary lecture at Columbia University, Faculty House , November 2006.  Jennifer W. Stein filmed the special 30th anniversary event celebrating of the printing of Zecharia’s first book, “The 12th Planet”. This event was commemorated with a lecture and lunch at the Faculty House, on the campus of Columbia University.  Zecharia presented an overview of his books, why he wrote them, and what he hoped to achieve next. His family friends and supporters of many years surrounded him, it was a joyous and memorable day for al those who attended. For more information about Zecahria Sitchin visit http://www.sitchin.com/

Project Details
  • Project Date:6-May-2011
  • Category: Film Projects