The 2015 Skyfire Summit is the second annual conference commemorating the Travis Walton UFO incident of 1975 which took place near the rural town of Heber, Arizona. The Walton story event made international news shortly after 6 members of a logging crew reported to law enforcement that a 7th member of their crew had gone missing.

It quickly became apparent to the town, media, and those involved in the search that the Walton incident was far from the routine missing persons case. Travis’s encounter, as told in the 1979 book “Fire in the Sky”, became the focus of Hollywood filmmaker Trace Torme’s 1995 film by the same name.

Now a new documentary by Jennifer W. Stein tells the true story for the first time in film. This film will be part of the 40th Travis Walton UFO conference in Heber Arizona in November of 2015.

The Skyfire Summit will provide a number of unique opportunities to meet the people involved in the town of Holbrook, Heber, and Snowflake; including hearing from other members of the logging crew.

Our “Pre-conference Events” provide a once in a life time opportunity on Thursday, November 5, 2015 (the 40th anniversary of the 1975 encounter) to retrace Travis’s steps in the woods. Following this day time visit we will go Al and Diane Onion Lounge, and restaurant for a group meal. You can participate in part in a unique skywatch event at the Conference on Saturday night with Ben Hansen and Travis Walton.

The conference main events will commence on Friday with a lineup of speakers, among the most well-known researchers and experts in ufology. During the three day UFO conference you will hear from those who experienced the Travis Walton case first-hand, as well as well- respected and recognized lecturers discussing similar UFO incidents and topics.

Heber, Arizona is surrounded by the beautiful Sitgreaves National Forest in a refurbished stable barn connected to the All Seasons Resort.

Whether you’re a seasoned researcher or new to the field this will be a unique conference you won't want to miss. For more information visit

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If you missed the Travis Walton 2014 Sky Fire Summit in Heber Arizona and would like to see the speakers Presentations, These DVD’s are available for purchase

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